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BlueStar's diverse portfolio offers unparalleled access to premium products and services that drive business growth and success. From state-of-the-art hardware to advanced software solutions, our portfolio is designed to empower businesses with the tools they need to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

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Solving for Wasted Movement

Newcastle is the leader in Mobile Powered Carts and Portable Power Stations.

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BlueStar is the premier distribution partner of Newcastle Systems—the recognized leader in Powered Carts and Portable Power Systems for Warehouses and DCs.

When warehouse workers are walking unnecessarily, their companies are losing money. Endless trips to the printer, to enter data, or collect parts add up fast. Our carts provide complete mobile worksites that keep workers on high-value tasks, often doubling their output. Thousands of installations prove that Newcastle Customers get more done and save money.


Help your warehouse and distribution customers turn one worker into two.

Newcastle Systems mobile labeling and receiving solution will help your customers:

  1. Drastically improve warehouse productivity and throughput
  2. Reduce labeling and receiving errors
  3. Use labor more efficiently
  4. Receive, putaway, and ultimately ship product faster

Create an All-In-One Mobile Solutions with Barcode Printers, Tablets or Touch Screens, Software, and Mobile Powered Workstations. 

Newcastle’s mobile power solutions can be easily & quickly integrated into your customers' current processes to improve productivity by 50+%.


Help your customers do more with their staff as they struggle with labor shortages.



Higher throughput in fewer hours; help customers cut costs and overtime.



Input, print and apply labels at the dock—say goodbye to pricey mistakes.



Predictable 6-month ROI for your customers, then years of benefits.


Manufacturing/Shop Floor Use Cases:

  • Raw materials receiving
  • Quality testing, measurement & inspection
  • Finished good labeling
  • Visual work inspection
  • Mobile supervisor station

Warehouse/DC Use Cases:

  • Incoming inspection & labeling
  • Cross-docking
  • Inventory control/cycle counting
  • Outbound labeling
  • Mobile supervisor station

Retail Showroom Use Cases:

  • Shelf labeling, tag & sign printing
  • Line busting
  • Inventory management
  • Mobile point of sale station
  • Mobile station for garden centers, sidewalk sales, concerts & more



Misty Roberts

Business Development Manager

Email: mroberts [at]
Phone: 859-371-4423 Ext. 3464

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